Prerna Goja Misri

Zensa LLC Founder and CEO Prerna Goja Misri

Prerna Goja Misri is a Redmond, Washington-based tech entrepreneur and go-to-market strategist with diverse industry experience. The recipient of a master of science in information technology and computer management from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies in India, she began her career as a senior recruitment manager at Star News in 2003 and later spent four years as senior manager for global talent acquisition at VA HealthCare Pvt Ltd. in India and Singapore. Prerna Goja Misri joined Posh Technologies in 2009 and was promoted to senior vice president in 2011.

Through three years as SVP at Posh, Ms. Misri created and managed recruitment strategies for several business initiatives. She also oversaw marketing and brand events management, intern program events, and global talent pool events and programs. In 2014 she founded Zensa LLC and continues to serve as CEO of the fast-growing technology transformation company.

Under her leadership, Zensa has grown from a 10-person startup to a $25 million organization with more than 100 employees throughout the US and India. Ms. Misri led the pre-seed funding strategy and established a network of key technology industry partners, including Microsoft, to help expedite the company's growth. She also launched, the world's first fully connected business acceleration platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses.

Prerna Goja Misri

Prerna Goja Misri

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Prerna Misri
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